Monday, August 18, 2008


Not a whole lot new to report around here . . . it's been quite a rollercoaster ride trying to buy this house!! We had to wait over a week for the bank to officially accept our offer and get contracts . . . and then once we did, it was DIZZYING to read through all of the fine print. I spent all day on the phone today trying to figure out our closing costs and whatnot . . . also very intense . . . I still have a million different numbers running through my head!! Please pray that the inspection of the house goes well and that they don't ask us to come up with a bunch more money that we don't have!! Regardless, we are still so thankful & really excited to get keys & get started!!

Last weekend was really busy, but a lot of fun too! On Friday, we decided it was finally time to hit Ruby Tuesday for dinner. It was pretty yummy! On Saturday, I watched the boys, watched some really cute old home videos with Krystal, and then headed to the Backpack Giveaway Festival that our church was doing. We worked the bean bag toss and then I took Jeremiah around to jump/slide/play on everything that he could. He had a blast!! He is a daring little guy! Then on Sunday, we did church and got to talk with the college class about Costa Rica. It was a lot of fun to be able to show more pictures and just talk about our time there. After church, we went to the Kandel Family party. It was really nice to see everyone and to sample all the great food! I made pizza bread and cranberry salad that I was pretty excited about. :) It was a beautiful day, so we hung around for a while and then finally crashed.

I don't think there's much else to share . . . please keep me in your prayers as I try to figure out what I should do for a job. I would love to do something that involves Spanish, but there is just not much need for it around here!! So we will see!!! Hope you all have a great week :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

exciting news!

I'm pretty sleepy, but I just wanted to say that we finally heard today that our offer was accepted!! It's been a crazy two weeks . . . waiting, countering, figuring, and hoping, but I'm thankful to say that this part of it is over! We are so thankful to report that our offer was chosen over 3 others. . . makes us feel good that this is a worthwhile investment (the house had 4 offers after only having been on the market for about a month)! Now we're moving on to the stage of appraisals, getting our mortgage completely approved, and signing our lives away!! If all goes well, we will close on the house on September 5th! Wow!!
A little about the house - it's in Louisville, on Weeburn Way. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, brick 1.5 story home. It needs a lot of work (a roof, flooring, etc), but we are excited to go project by project until it becomes what we're envisioning!! We just thank the Lord for blessing us so immensely and we look forward to the memories that will take place in this house!!