Sunday, November 21, 2010

So blessed :)

Over the past 2 weekends, 2 showers were thrown for Baby Lyla (yep, we finally decided on her name)! They were both so nice, and we are so grateful for everything people have done to help us get ready to welcome this little girl into the world!! Here are a few pics & then a few updated belly shots :)



30 Weeks

29 Weeks

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3rd Trimester!!

Just wanted to share a few pictures .. now that I have my hubby back from football (and thanks to Aunt Shirley's painting skills), we have started to make some progress on baby girl's room!! Here are a couple of pics of the pink walls, the crib my step sister gave to us, and the new dresser from my dad & Ann!! You can also see the bedding in the pictures. Lots of work to go yet, but it's getting exciting around here. I've already put things in the dresser (they're sure to move again), and can hardly believe we have less than 3 months to go!! I've been feeling pretty well, and love feeling my squirmy baby roll and kick and punch (unless it's on my bladder)! It still blows my mind when I think about her and how soon she will be here, looking like us, and just being ours!! This Saturday is my Canton shower & I can't wait to see everyone and play with all the fun new baby things :)

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