Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another try ..

Welp, I had all but given up this blog, but then I was looking back on some friends' blogs and realized what a good way it is to keep track of the years. Since this first year of Lyla's life has simply FLOWN and I no longer have to write each month in her baby book, I figured I 'd give this blogging thing another shot. I'll try to care less if anyone reads it or leaves me comments .. though that never hurts!

Lyla Suzanne is 1. When did that happen? My sweet baby becomes more and more of a little girl every day and while I LOVE seeing her little personality emerge, I sure do miss those days. She had a wonderful first birthday party with lots of friends, family, food, gifts, and of course PUPPIES. That girl loves her doggies! On that note .. here are some more things our Subie likes/dislikes..

  • Walking (She took her time letting go and taking that first step, but it seems it's all she wants to do now, and she is so good at it, not to mention so stinkin' cute waddling around!)
  • Dancing (She loves it when Daddy puts on some good dancin' tunes!)
  • Climbing the stairs (Watch out, if that gate is down, she is upstairs in a matter of seconds!)
  • Eating/Begging for food (The girl is a bottomless pit!)
  • Talking (Can now say Mommy, Daddy, Bye(and wave), What's that?, Puppy, Woof, Night Night, Eyes, No No, Rock, Done, Whee, Baby .. and all kinds of other conversational gibberish.)
  • Reading books (I have given up trying to stack her books on the shelf.)
  • Playing the piano (Ever since she could pull up, her little fingers have found their way around.)
  • Binky (Yeah .. haven't had the heart to take it away yet.)
  • Animals (Especially dogs - she has learned how to bark too!)
  • Bathtime (She's wild!)
  • Her silly cousins (They are like brothers to her :) )
  • Socks (She's unbelievably happy to find two random socks and march around with them! Lil sock bandit!)
  • Songs (Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old McDonald (E-I-E-I-O), The Birdie Song, This Little Piggy)
  • So much more!!
  • Clips, bows, anything in her hair besides a tiny band
  • Mommy brushing her teeth
  • Waiting for food (She must get this from her Aunt Krystal ;) )
  • Staying still
  • The church/ymca nursery .. other kids crying or yelling .. she is a sensitive girl!
  • Not a whole lot .. she is such a sweetheart!