Sunday, December 7, 2008

home for the holidays :)

Well, we're officially in (have been for a couple of weeks), and though there are still A LOT of details to finish, we can call this house our home!! We got our Christmas tree today & I decorated the rest of the house. I love how the house just feels so much cozier with all the stuff up!! I may not take it down for a couple of months - ha! So, enjoy some pics of a few improvements and some Christmas fun!

Living Room with touched up paint, lamps and piano!
Family Room with some furniture!
Family Room (waiting for the TV)
Upstairs Bedroom with Futon!
Same bedroom (windows are done!)
Other upstairs bedroom (our "lived in" office/music room)!

Bedroom with light fixtures, curtains, etc.
Who needs closet doors, anyways?
Painted (mustardish yellow) & finished window in laundry/bathroom.
Once again, who needs doors?? Dining Room with light fixtures, table, etc
I am really proud of how pretty this looks!!
Christmas Tree!
So pretty!
One of my favorite ornaments! Baby's First Christmas 1981!! That's an OLD ornament!
Aw, I was kinda cute there!
Not so much here!
Ornament from Bryan before I left for Ecuador in 2001!

This one made it all the way from Costa Rica!

Hope all is well & that you are able to take some time to enjoy the beauty of Christmas!!