Monday, July 12, 2010

An unexpected turn of events!!

Well, I feel like this deserves a story, but I don't even know where to start. I will do my best though!! Many of you know that Bryan & I have been seeing a doctor and trying to get pregnant for the last couple years. The main reason for this is because I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) ... which messes with hormone levels and overall just makes things really difficult. So I knew a long time ago that I was probably going to need some help getting pregnant. What I didn't realize was how long and frustrating that journey was going to be.

We did hold off for a while just because of being in Costa Rica, and timing, and whatnot, but after a while of actually trying, decided to see a doctor. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say we went through lots of testing, drugs, and procedures. We did have one glimmer of hope about a year ago, but that baby was not healthy, and didn't live very long at all. It was a really hard thing for us to handle, but we kept on going. Things continued to fail, and I'll admit that I went through a time of bitterness, of questioning where God was in my life, and of thinking of other possible options for our future. After a while, I decided we weren't going to put our lives on hold anymore, and I decided to pursue my master's in TESL. I was very excited to start this in the fall of 2010, and while I didn't want to do any more fertility junk, decided to give it a few more months so that I wouldn't ever regret not giving it the best shot possible. The next step was a little exploratory laparoscopic surgery, where they found no major issues.

So as we were waiting to start another round after the surgery, I began to think maybe it was possible that I'd had a regular cycle, and maybe, just maybe, we had made a baby. Then again, I'd had that thought in other months, so I didn't want to get my hopes up. So on May 19th, my 29th birthday, I had a pretty strong MAYBE feeling. Not wanting to ruin my birthday with a negative pregnancy test, I decided to wait until the next day. Sure enough ... completely and totally without a doubt positive!!!! What?!?! I had gotten so used to the glaring one line on the tests that I wasn't sure how to react! Many emotions and thoughts went through my head, disbelief, excitement, relief, fear, you name it!!

I went to the doctor that day for a blood test and the levels were sky-high!! I couldn't wait to tell Bryan. I hadn't hinted at all that I could be pregnant because, yeah, we'd been there before and been disappointed before, so I didn't want him to go through it again too. I must have done a really good job, because as I went home and told him .. he thought I was joking! I had joked earlier in the week that one of the things I wanted for my birthday was a baby .. and so I said, remember the things I told you I wanted? Well, I got one of them! He was confused .. like, so if you didn't buy anything and nobody got it for you, how did you get something?? Once he realized it was the baby, he did not believe me!! I ran upstairs and showed him the test & we just smiled nervously at each other.

It's been a scary 12 weeks, just with what happened last year, but everything has been absolutely perfect so far, and we truly believe that this is a blessing from God. It is starting to sink in that this is the real deal, and we are so excited to meet this little one in January!!!

Here are a few ultrasound pics from the last few months ... the doctors follow all their patients very closely through the first trimester, which meant we got to see the baby a lot!! Now I have to wait 3 weeks til my appt with the OB on Aug 2nd, which feels like an eternity!! Anyways...

6 Weeks

8 Weeks

10 Weeks

10 Weeks (a different view of crossed legs!)

11 Weeks (Nuchal Translucency Scan)

11 Weeks (Face)

11ish Weeks (a little cramping scare)

12 Weeks (baby doing somersaults & waving)

12 Weeks (3D!)