Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Girl!!!

Well, today was the long awaited ultrasound! We were so excited it made it hard to sleep (kinda like Christmas), but the time finally came!! We got there a little early, but the ultrasound tech finally called us back. She first checked my cervix, which she said looked good. Then she asked us if we wanted to know what it was, and she was able to tell right away! It's a girl!!! Then she checked all of the other important things like the brain, the heart, the limbs, the face, the spine, etc. Everything was perfect! Baby girl does have a small cyst on her brain, but the doctor said it's totally normal and will go away before she's born.

We are so thrilled and feel so blessed to have a healthy little baby on the way. I particularly am SO excited to have a daughter! I can't wait to play with her, do her hair (if she lets me), and dress her in adorable outfits!! Bryan wants to know if she'll still play football with him ... I'm sure she will :)

So we know what she is, we have a crib, a stroller/carseat, a cradle, and a new car (thank God) that she can ride in safely, and I can feel her move pretty much every day now ....... yet it still feels like I'm dreaming the most beautiful dream ever!! I'm not sure it will feel real until she's born, but we can't wait!! Thanks for all your prayers and please keep them up.

Here are a few pics, including my 19 week one!!
PS ... No we haven't decided on a name yet ... hopefully soon!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

by popular demand .. 17 weeks!

Just a couple pics .. everyone wants to see how big I'm getting so I figured I'd let ya see!! I personally can't believe I am showing this much at 17 weeks but that's ok :) I've only gained about 2 lbs, so I'm thinking I should be ok. Not much else to tell .. starting to feel a little movement I think, but sometimes it's really hard to know. Right now we are just anxious for our ultrasound coming up & trying to decide what stroller we want! And yeah, it really hasn't sunk in yet that we are going to have a baby!! :) :)

17 Weeks
16 Weeks

Monday, August 2, 2010

15 Weeks!!

How in the world am I 15 weeks pregnant already?? It blows my mind that the baby is the size of an apple and pretty much formed by now! The picture we took today though made me realize that I am for sure growing!! Yikes! It's pretty cool, I just hope I'm not HUGE by 40 weeks! We also had our first appt with the new OB today. I'm seeing Dr. Domingo after a lot of recommendations, and he was very nice. The baby's heartrate was at 155 bpm and we scheduled our big ultrasound for August 31st. Can't wait to find out what this little one is!!

Here are some pics over the last couple months...

15 Weeks

14 Weeks

13 Weeks

12 Weeks

11 Weeks

7 Weeks