Wednesday, October 15, 2008

busy-ness & a little progress!

yep, we have been super busy lately! between starting my new job, football stuff, and working at the house, we have not stopped to take a breath!! it's all good stuff, but we can't wait for life to slow down a little :) here are a few new pictures i wanted to share:

front with roof done:
back with roof done:
our cute little shed (smells like a sauna bc of the cedar!):
bryan ended up completely tearing out the dining room ceiling to prep for drywall:
wasn't it nice of him to clear a path??

former weird toilet room becomes a private laundry/half bath:

AFTER #1!!
AFTER #2!!
remnants of my job for the last couple weeks (sanding - blah!)
i'm in love with fall (a pretty tree in our backyard):
also in love with this guy (us at a wedding last weekend!):

hope you are all well! goodnight!