Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Patiently waiting ...

Well, we are 5 days away from little Lyla's due date and still no baby!! I think she decided it's too cold out here to come!! As of yesterday, I was 1 cm dilated and 90% effaced. Dr also says she is very low. So we scheduled induction for the day after (Tues the 25th), but we're really hoping she decides to come before that! We are so ready to see her little face and for this dream to become reality!! Please keep us in your prayers as we get close to her birthday :)

39 weeks

38 weeks


Valerie Hunter said...

So close! I loved the anticipation of waking up every morning wondering if this was the day! Every time I scheduled inductions, the babies (thankfully) came on their own. Praying that you don't need to labors with pitocin (I unfortunately still needed it for a couple slow-pokes) were 100x more painful than those without. Praying all goes well and you are holding that beautiful babe before you know it.

BabyWolfe said...

Sooo beyond excited for you both!!! Sounds like you are progressing a little, so that's positive. And, I know everyone has their own story, but I was induced a day early with Noah and it was the easiest delivery. I actually really enjoyed it! Just relax, breath, and know that she is going to be sooooo worth it!